Router Connect

My first Android app is now published on the market! It allows you to connect to your router powered by OpenWRT or DD-Wrt and quickly view the ARP Table, DHCP leases, and connected wireless clients. Great for monitoring unauthorized activity.

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Rooting HTC Incredible

This guide is for users of the HTC Incredible and other HTC Phones supported by unrEVOked. This is to gain root access to phones running stock Android version 2.1 or 2.2. 

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Bandwidth Speeds Explained

You might wonder why your internet speeds are advertised, and maybe even tested at 25Mb/s, but you only seem to be able to download at a little over 2MB/s at best. I've got the answer, and show you how to figure what download speeds you should be really getting.

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Does work?

Commercials have started playing on the radio for a website called which claims to drastically improve the speed of your PC (double it, if you will). Any program that makes large claims like that or has a large advertising campaign is always one to be skeptical of.

I installed it on a virtual machine to determine what this program was about, and if it was even safe to install on your PC.

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Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 has a lot of new hidden features that not everyone knows about. Here is a small list of neat tricks that you may find useful. Some may be more common-knowledge than others, but all may find them useful. Please feel free to add things to the list. Without further delay... Windows 7 101.

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