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Step 1 Upload an Image

*Must be .jpg format
*Must be less than 2mb
*Uploading an image will overwrite whatever image you may be currently using if any.


Load a previous image

Step 2

Set Date

Step 3

Add Text
Before Counter:
After Counter:
Line 1:

Step 4

Format Text
Line with counter
Color: Red: Green: Blue:

Other Line
Color: Red: Green: Blue:

Step 5

Place Text
Counter x,y: ,
Line 1 x,y: ,
These are coordinates from the bottom-right of the text string... so a y of 0 will not show the text.

Step 6


URL for this page:
HTML for Image:
bbCode for Image:

As long as you save the URL, your work will be saved. Periodically the uploaded images may be cleared out, in which case you will have to re-upload your image (with the same name), and it will work again.
Here is an example image: Linky

On the text that surrounds the counter, space is automatically added before and after the numbers, so you don't need to add them.

"Line 1" is optional, and it would probably make your image look better if you didn't use it. Add whatever you can on the image itself, instead of using this.

When setting the colors, you can select a value between 0 and 255. Anything higher than 255 will be considered 255. Putting 0 for every color is black, and 255 for every color is white. Setting any one color to 255 and the others to 0 will be that color.

Text placement is currently trial-and-error. Depending on the popularity of this, an easier system may be put in place.If you really are looking for an exact placement, open your image in MS Paint and use the cursor to find the (x,y) coordinates (shown at the bottom of MS Paint) that you want.

This was all done by myself, as is everything else I do, including my website

More fonts may be added later, at request, or whenever. Nicer URLs may be added in the future. I shall unleash my fury on whoever decides to copy this. My fury shall also be unleashed on anyone who abuses this in any way, shape, or form.

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